The History of Olocun

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Olokun is the Orisha is the deep sea. It is a dark place where the sounds logical quickly tend to despair, to the illogical, the panic and uncertainty. We go from calm to the storm in seconds. There is no sign to guide us. That's how we get on with it and have to suffer the consequences if we make mistakes. We look to Olokun as the onslaught of currents that push everything down wings deep sea. He is violent waters that sink ships and take the lives of those who make sacrifices refute.

Orisha greater. Owner of the ocean. Is androgynous and sometimes it represents half man, half fish, but is undefined.

Always low masked.

It is a powerful deity, terrible and very mysterious. Symbolizes the sea in their terrifying and strange man.

According to some, Obatala binds him to the bottom of the sea for not destroying the world, anyway all the riches of the ocean are yours. As is seen, without a mask in a dream and then appears with a round face with tribal stripes, bulging eyes very white, with brown girls and sharp eyelashes.

Olokun is the Orisha Babalawos. According to some, after Oddúa is the highest representation of Ocha.

In diloggún speaks for Eyirosun (4), Unle Melli (8-8) and Ochakuaribo (16 cowries face down) His color is navy blue, black and white.

It forms a trilogy with Gaga and Akaró Sumu.


Seven masks, seven chains, maja, mermaid, seahorse, shell and all that live in the ocean. Its materials are silver, steel, tin and lead. Two hands belong snails, two-sided wrist. Coins of different cheep in number seven and multiples of seven.



They are very varied. In some predominant crystal pearls and various shades of blue, green and red. In other indigo blue, combined with red beads, opals and corals. Formerly Olokun necklaces of beads on a thick blue as lapizazuli are strung on a thread and iron came from the coast of Guinea.

CLOTHING: Always wears black.



White rooster, deer, chickens, pigeons, guinea, pig, duck, mutton, turtle and goose.




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