Sign Of the Year 2014/ Letra Del Año 2014

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Sign Of the Year 2014/ 2014 Letter of the Year


Municipality of October 10 Miguel Febles padron


Ifá Predictions for the year 2014. Miguel Febles Padron , awo Odi Ka , for Cuba and the world. Priests of Ifa , the Oriates , Babaloshas , Iyaloshas , Iworos and religious people in general brothers. Following a tradition of 27 years, the Organizing Commission of the Reading of the Year on December 31, 2013 met at the Temple House situated Ave October 10 # 1509 e / Josefina and Gertrudis , Vibora , Municipality October 10 , City Havana , Cuba .


Regent Star : BABA Eyiogbe


First witness : Erdibre ( Odi Ogbe )


Second witness : Oshe Omolu ( Oshe Ogunda )


Prophetic Prayer: I'll buyoko ALAYE (good seat in the world)


Eggun onire : a white akuko and ajiaco


Onishe ara : Paraldo


Onishe ile : Sarayeye with ewe .


Ebbo : akuko , 50 cent coin , water, river sand , clay pot , holy paintings and other ingredients .


Ruling Deity : Olokun


Divine Companion: Yemaya


Flag of the Year : Red Half and half blue.







We recommend that people consult their Godparents




1 - . Airway diseases .

2 - . Cardiovascular diseases .

3 - . Diseases in the bone marrow .

4 - . Possible epidermal buds .


Interesting social events


1 - . Interpersonal Conflict .

2 - . Conflicts between nations that can generate conflicts.

. 3 - Brand losses religious leaders , political leaders and elders in general sense.

4 - . Serious disruption of family harmony.

5 - . Ecological imbalance and possible penetration of the sea.

. 6 - Opening of agreements between countries using as primary means of navigation.

7 - . Generational Struggle and its fatal consequences .


recommendations :


1 - . Dialogue and respect for the judgment of others is the only way to avoid conflict .

. 2 - special attention is recommended in ethics and moral education of their children .

3.- Ifa recommends a social , political and economic organization for the benefit of the people.

. 4 - Extremely hygienic and sanitary measures to prevent the spread of epidemics.

5 - . Prohibits navigation unsuitable vessels.

6 - . Wage remuneration appropriate to pursue activities .

7.- Provide adequate to seniors.

. 8 - A Call for Unity respecting diversity.

NOTE : Take the positive reference models ( gains ) and negative models (errors ) for the years 1959 , 1989, 1995 , 1998, 2004 and 2011 where this Odu had regency.


Behavioral sayings Odù


1. Wise thought is the force that moves the earth.

Two . The head leads the body and one king rules a people.

Three . All I have and all I lack.

April . The biggest mistake is not learning from mistakes .

May . While there's life , there is hope .

6. Two inseparable friends, are separated.

7. The debts hanging from our necks as heavy foot ¬ stones .

8. Divide and conquer.


Our Commission is grateful to the Mass Communication Corporation that enable these predictions reach all corners of the world .



Happy and Prosperous Year 2014

I want the Organising Committee for the Letter of the Year








Sign: Egiobe .

Prophecy: Ire ariku oyale lowo Orunmila (good health , thanks to Orunmila )

Aldimú : Akara bibo . ( Putting Orunmila 16 slices of bread with hulls and cocoa butter , accompanied with 2 candles.


Governs : Yemaya

Care : Elegua

Flag: blue with red trim .


EBO : 1 - goat , one rooster, sea water, indigo, a stone reef . buzzard feather , white and blue fabrics, land of the door of the house , earth shoes , hair goatee a Granada , smoked sin jutia smoked , roasted corn, palm oil , honey, 2 coconuts , 2 candles, cocoa butter Opolopowo .



1 - The Butterfly wanted to fly prematurely and burned wings.

2 - All I have and all I lack.

3 - God gives not have beard quija .

4 - A dead king , Crown Prince .


Born in this sign :

The waters and lands .

The unity and struggle of opposites.

The separation and discord.

The tidal wave and its disastrous consequences.



Wet the body with water and irrigate añilada añilada water inside the house , leaving it for a while and then flushing it


Plants of the sign :

Granada , ceiba .




Ifa says: We should be very organized in all aspects of life, to ensure a better way of life.

We should avoid hot flashes, as this would lead to adverse effects on our health and our relationships : Ifa says .

Ifa says : Fill with Yemaya Olokun and according to the designs that we offer in religious and spiritual accompaniment , our elders.

Ifa says: We should give us a snapper this year to head consultation .

Ifa says: We should avoid drinking alcohol, snuff and drugs.

Ifa says: We should esmerar care of our elderly , maintaining a good relationship with them , so as to encourage them as this will make you much good.

Ifa says: We should make everyone in the house , ebo (cleaning, sacrifice ) in order to avoid losses and tears .

Ifa says: We should wear white to debug systematically negative energies.

Ifa says: That when we invoke an Orisha must not forget the use of water.

Ifa says: It is recommended to always go to their elders , to have the blessing of Olodumare .

Ifa says: We should take care of diseases, digestive , cardiovascular , lungs, eyes, kidneys , spine and sexually transmitted diseases .

Ifa says : That this year should make a track severe weather events , which lead to losses, ras sea , earthquakes , rains, storm surges , floods , hurricanes .

Ifa says: We should avoid eating fruits and sandy backward meals in order to avoid digestive problems.

Ifa says: We should keep both family and religious household .

Ifa says: We should be humble and simple and avoid arrogance, genius and bad form to others .

Ifa says: It is recommended to give it a goat Elegua , to keep the roads open .

Ifa says: That we should work with the health of both our bodies and our homes .

Ifa says: We should avoid ourselves embroiled in corruption or illicit businesses to avoid clashes with the law.

Ifa says: We must avoid religious disrespect among our blood as both religious and even among coworkers family.


For general knowledge


The first of December 2013 , with the presence of a significant number of Cubans Babalawos and other countries and members of the Cuban Council of Elder Priests of Ifa , the corresponding ceremonies to Pre - opening of the Letter of 2014 were conducted in the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba .


The recommendations were:

What he called the 25 fundamental positions . In all cases the response of the deities were very satisfactory.


On December 30, 2013 , corresponding sacrifices to the deities that were determined in the Pre -Opening were made.






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