Bandera Eleke/Collar de Bandera

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Collar de bandera


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This necklace is made with high quality Beads and shells to give it a better finish.


Collar de Bandera

This necklace is made with high quality Beads and shells to give it a better finish.

The Collar de Bandera is an attribute of Palo Mayombe (Paleros) the work or function is to protect its wearer from all evil and harm, is a major force against the adversities that maybefall the owner. Giving strength to emerge triumphant at any company or situation.

I liked it,the price was very,very good-the only thing,the ones shown was not the ones I got,the one's I got only had Orisha dieties and not is still a"Collar de Banderas" however,and I am pleased.Nelson will always try to satisfy-I love doing business with them!
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