History of Odudua

Translated by google so is not perfect

Odudua First King of Oyo, major dead.

Represents the mysteries and secrets of death. Owner of loneliness. Is androgynous. Odudua, Oddun and Orula are brothers who are always together as a trinity. For Odudua known to Olorun and intuits Olofi.

His wife's name or Ono Odduaremú - Gold, who is syncretized in Santa Ana, which cures the dying and assists women in labor.

It is also regarded as a way of Obatala, may be the oldest of all, the one who created the sixteen Obatala.

It can be a male Obatala living in Iroko and also guide all Obatala and therefore the children of this have to receive it. As the creator and maker of justice, is seen as an impersonal divine.

It is not Santeria Orisha or junior priests, but Babalawos. For a path of Obatala considered, not directly receive Ocha but if Ifa.

In Arará Oddúa called Daa. In Diloggún speaks for Eyeunle (8-8) and 16 Metadiloggún. His day on Thursday. Their colors red, white and black.

ATTRIBUTES: Take two balls of elephant ivory, a white horse and sixteen otes river, hill or road. Thirty-six snails, but does not speak for them. He gets a mechita fueled with almond oil, which comes on Thursdays. Take sword or machete, horse, globe and two identical dolls. It ukré Uke or which is not more than a broom for sweeping Yefá. The uke should be elephant's tail, the absence of this can be used for horse or deer, you must have a handle or two handles central ring formed by eight white beads, black, red and yellow. It is represented by the Osun standing with the Babalawos and is a white metal rod with a round base and a dove of the same metal on the top. It also owns the jet, coral and amber, mother of pearl and ivory.

NECKLACES: He's eighteen inches long, beaded pearl and coral, sixteen white for every eight punctured. The coral pearl separates sections, representing the roads. Another necklace has eight sections milk white beads to mark the roads. These sections is separated by two bearing nacre accounts in one half of coral. Others carry sixteen and eight white beads punctured.

CLOTHING: It is white with red sash at the waist that tied the far right leaves longer. Wear hats or head scarf because never receive sunlight. When you are performing an initiation into a Babalawo house, the throne should be completely white.

ANIMALS: Goat wash with soap Africa, bulls, cows, elephants, deer and horses. All four-legged animals are dressed funfun Acho. Roosters, pigeons, chickens and slugs. Everyone has to be white.


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