History of the Ibeyis

Translated by google so is not perfect

The Ibeyis (Jimaguas). catholic Saints Cosmas and Damian are children of Oya and Chango.

Two females Ibeyis, Santa Justa and Santa Rufina.

The Chango Ibeyis are allies that want to delirium.

Taewo and Kainde are minor Orishas, twins, male and female, children of Chango and Oshun Yemaya though reared.

Playful, mischievous greedy and enjoy the paternal affection of all Orishas. They are considered patterns of all children. They live in Palma.

Other names Araba and Aina (paying guests only.).

Salako Talabi and female twins; Ayuaba and Alba; Olori and Oroiña.

Patterns are barbers and surgeons.

In Diloggún Eyioko speak (2) and in all combinations Melli. Your day is Sunday.

ATTRIBUTES Two carved wooden dolls, sitting on two small stools united by a cord. The man with a necklace of Chango and Yemaya female one. Each Tinajita carries four pebbles and shells from the seashore. The stones are elongated male (penis form) and the female round (shaped vulva).

TOOLS Two acheré (rattles), two little drums, bells games, with crosses painted calabash or pairs of rays with white background.

ANIMALS: Chicken and pigeon

MEALS: All kinds of fruits, yellow rice, popcorn.


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