History of Yewa



A major Orisha. He lives inside the cemetery, the graves and the dead is in charge of delivering the bodies to Oya. It's an old, considered virgin, chaste and extremely forbidding their children all flesh trade. In his presence no one can get naked or having love affairs or disputes or even, speak loudly or behave rudely. Their servers are always old, virgin or barren women. It rarely rises. In such cases mimics the action of wind or make a bundle with string, thanks to some rotational movements of the arms.

Highly reputed for their oracles and their children are subjected to the most rigid austerity.

Particularly worshiped in Santiago de Cuba.

In Diloggún always speaks with Obba and Yansa.

His lyrics are Osa (9) Okana (1) and Oyekun.

His number is 11 and the day Friday.

Its color pink.


Has Ota, a doll, a basket or a Tinajita, far from always representing Oshun. Lives between nacres and cowries.

NECKLACES: Matipós pink.

CLOTHING: Wear pink, belted robe has a strip of the same fabric and a crown adorned with many cowries.

ANIMALS: Chivas maidens and owl bones, because as she walks the night. Doves and guinea fowl.

HERBS THAT BELONG: - Marilope - Poundcake



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