Yemaya Beads

Yemaya Beads

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Yemaya Okuti glass beaded necklace eleke Collar de mazo de de Yemaya Okuti grande con cuentas de vidrio y plásticas

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This is beautiful elaborates beaded.......

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Beautifully Ide made with swarovski Crystal and glass beads
Hermoso ilde de swarovski hecho de piedra de swarovski y cuantas de vidrio

Large Yemaya Okuti Mazo Necklaces made with glass beads ,plastic large beads This piece of art is sell exlusive at Nelstar Services Best price and best quality check the deatails

Yemaya Ide Crystal/ Ide de Yemaya de cristal Made of crystal Hecho de cristal

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Measure aprox 20"inches Long

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Ilde Glass beads

beautiful Yemaya Okuti Maraca is 10 inch long'

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Yemaya Ilde mazito

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This horse tail for Yemaya is 42 inches long (from tail to handle)
Mide 42 Pulgadas de largo desde el cabo hasta la cola

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Beautiful Yemaya Maraca is 10 inch long'

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Orula Ide Yemaya Path one one size fit all Ide de Orula con Camino de Yemaya elastico 

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Yemaya Macuto Charms /Macuto Yemaya

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Beaded YEMAYA Necklaceand hang between 16 to 17 inches in length.

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Yemaya Ilde #3

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Beaded YEMAYA Necklaceand hang between 16 to 17 inches in length.

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Jicara Yemaya forrada/ Yemaya Gourd Beaded

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lde de Yemaya modelo 12 Ilde de yemaya modelo 12

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