Love and happiness is what many people are looking for in life. If this is you, then you are looking for Oshun. Also known as Ocun or Oxum in Yoruba, she is a fair skinned woman of incomparable beauty. She and her fellow Orisha Yemaya add in a woman's maternity. She is known for her revealing dresses and her flirtatious demeanor. When in the priest or priestesses house she resides in a gold tureen. Her representative metal is gold and she is often seen wearing copious amounts of it.

The story of Ochun is this. One day, as Ochun was preparing for a party, she dressed herself and was walking through the town. She noticed children laughing and playing and this made her happy. It also made her sad because she had, as of yet, not been able to have a child.

As she was walking through the woods she cam upon Iroko, a tree of strength and stability, and Iroko noticed that Ochun was troubled. He asked her why and she expressed her want for a child. Iroko said he could help, but in return, she would have to spend time with him and visit him as few Orisha's in santeria actually did. She agreed and he helped her conceive a son.

However, after the birth of her son, Ideu, Ochun saw less and less of Iroko and Iroko began to feel like he was being ignored by Ochun. She was breaking her promise to visit him and he didn't take that kindly. So, Iroko swallowed up Ideu and took him into his domain. Time there moved slowly and Iroko showed Ideu great riches and told him many intriguing stories.

As time went by, Ochun began to become frantic as she had not been able to find her son anywhere. Shortly after, Ochen was going through the forest and came upon Iroko seeming very happy. She greeted him but her heart was heavy. He asked if she had found her son and she said no. He then scolded her for keeping her word and to remember to pay for what she had received. She understood what Iroko was saying.

Just then, Iroko told Ochun he had a gift for her and he opened up a hill and out came Ideu. Ochun was thankful to Iroko for Ideus return but told him he shouldn't have done such a thing. For that reason, the children of Ochun never venture near Iroko to this day.

Ochun's feast day is September 8 and she loves wines, flowers and perfumes. She can seduce both men and women, she is known for her honey and for dominating completely. She can create powerful spells and she is adorned with the feathers of a vulture.