Ochosi is known as the Orisha of the hunt. He is also known as the patron saint of justice and empowers those hunting others who have committed criminal acts to be captured and jailed. He is also an excellent fisherman and can catch all sorts of fish that swim in the water, without effort. It is told that he does his magic in the deepest parts of the forest. He can heal the sick and destroy the wicked. He also mixes herbs and other potions to allow his bow to deal striking blows immediately.

However, this deity wasn't always a deity. He was primarily a hunter. He was called upon by Orula, the greatest divinator in all the earth, to get him a prize bird as a gift for a party that Olofi was having in the heavens. So, he found the prized bird and captured him. Unfortunately, his mother, who lived with him unwittingly began preparing the bird for dinner. Once he realized what had happened he was very angry, but he was unaware that his mother had done this. He quickly went to capture another grand bird.

Orula invited Ochosi to the party where Orula offered the bird to Olofi. Olofi, so pleased with the gift and realizing it was Ochosi that has captured the bird had him kneel before him, he touched him with his staff and gave him a crown and made him an Orisha.

In the Yoruba faith, that you will find in Cuba, as well as santeria and in the Lucumi language, there is more to the story. After Olofi had made him an Orisha, Olofi asked him if he desired anything. Ochosis asked in anger that Olofi would touch the tip of his arrow and that when he released it, it would strike dead whomever killed his original bird. Olofi agreed and much to ochosi's dismay, the arrow killed his beloved mother.

This deity's feast day is October 25. His colors are yellow, blue, green and coral. He keeps watch over hunters, fishermen and law enforcement officers. He is also who is entreated when people are falsely accused and falsely imprisoned.