When you hear the roar of thunder, or you see a magnificent thunderbolt hurling from the sky to the ground, you're seeing the handiwork of the Orisha named, in the santeria belief, Chango. In fact when you see or hear thunder, according to this belief, you're seeing him yourself. He an an extremely attractive man with a fine physique that rides on a white horse. He loves to dance, he is the owner of the bata drum and he knows how to get a party going.

The story of chango is this. Elegua, who was known for her information, was telling a story at a party that chango was attending about how the Orisha Ogun would drink heavily, as he is known for, and go to the house of Yembo and flirt with her when her husband wasn't around. He would be very rough with her as well. One day, when he was extremely drunk he tried to force her to have sexual relations with him. He would have succeeded had Osagrinan not intervene and commanded Ogun to stop and leave immediately.

As it turns out, Yembo is Chango mother and upon hearing this he was filled with rage and rode his horse to the house of Ogun to seek revenge, only he didn't find Ogun, but Ogun wife Oya. Chango or Shango as he is often called in Cuba, ended up laying with Ogun wife Oya and taking her for his own.

Upon realizing this, Ogun went immediately to Shango castle and the two fought greatly. Their battle was only stopped when Obatala, King of all Orisha, stopped them. When learning the cause of the fight, and the reason's for chango laying with Ogun's wife, and told Shango that two wrongs don't make a right. He then told Ogun that his punishment would be to pay for his actions by feeling guilty.

Chango's feast day is December 4th. He loves to eat fruits and meats, he blows fire from his mouth and he loves a good party. He is also the purveyor of justice and he is kind and friendly with all other Orishas. The only exception is with his brother Ogun. These two are at a constant state of battle. His children are also powerful warriors and can win any battle when they put their minds to it and act intelligently.