Nearly everyone is familiar with the fact that candles are seen inside of churches, they are a very commonly seen element in the chapels of nearly all religions some for praying some for spiritual healing. For those who are catholic, the use of Spiritual candles is something very integral to the rituals that are common in the faith.

There is beautiful symbolism attached to the altar candles that are seen in the catholic church. There are said to be three elements to the candle that symbolize Jesus. The wax of the candle is symbolizing his body, the wick, his soul and the flame is symbolizing his divinity.

There are votives often seen in groups on a table, called vigil candles. Those candles are lit as a symbol of praying for someone, perhaps for someone to heal from an illness or to get out of a difficult situation.

Every religion seems to use candles in some way. There are frequently candles on the altar of the church and many weddings have a lovely moment when the new couple will share the lighting of candles to help show their bonding as a new husband and wife.

The uses of Spiritual candles are not limited to just the uses you see in the church itself, there are candles to be found everywhere, in the home and in the smaller chapels that are found in hospitals or other locations. It is not uncommon to visit a church as part of a holiday trip and to light a candle in a far away place to feel connected to religion and the worship that is so treasured in one's life.

The candles that are seen in the church are often gathered around an icon of Mary and that is a beautiful and touching way to show the meaning behind the light and the symbolism of the candles that glow at all hours of the day or night in the quiet of the sanctuary space.

The warm glow of a candle and the comfort it can bring as the flickering light lasts for many hours is a fitting tribute to the power of prayer and the healing energy that it can bring to those who get comfort from the ritual of lighting the candles as well as those who gaze upon their flickering glow.