According to mythology Lukumi, the soothsayer own herbs and vegetation is Osaín, estimating that is an Orisha who had neither father nor mother, that is not born but appeared, coming off the ground as vegetation, is not nobody's child and although all are saints Osaín herbalists is the absolute master of the grasses and accordingly the quintessential physician and botanist.

Yesa ground Osaín wine and protector and benefactor of the world.

Heard ground, went to the Araras when they received Ifa. It Yebu is Eggwado. This powerful saint, has only one foot, the right arm, the left one eye, one ear extremely large, which absolutely nothing happens, the other too small, so sensitive that the slightest perceived noise. Walk hopping or limping as AWO Sodyi Jonu or in Lukumi Babalu Aye, San Lazaro, the great saint of Araras.

A Osaín are often improperly called "Guardian of Ewe" and why many consider him one of the most numerous Elegguá "gang" of Añagui but Guardian but not Owner. His attribute is commonly as a doodle but who truly belongs is Elegguá doodle.

What is certainly used a cane made of two naturally woven roots, with dancing in the highlights. Osaín received the "Secret Ewe". Knowledge of their virtues, herbs consequently are theirs alone, making it "the ultimate and Optional dispatcher Ewe".

His numbers are 6-7 7-6 (Obbara Oddi, Oddi Obbara).

Your color is green

His day on Friday.


Güiro pendant with four feathers, turtle carapace, clay pots with three stones from the mountain. It has the force of Ocha, because herbs give it the power and courage required to stones for consecration. Lives with Chango, eats everything he eats. You can go on guiro, in tortoise or casserole, very similar to the mayomberos.


Land of the four corners, ant hill, the front door, all powder sticks hard cock heads, quail, turtle talk birds, tojosa, swarf, precipitate, quicksilver, four hooks bibijagua, silver coins , gold, water from rivers, wells, springs, streams, sea, etc.. (If I were a Osaín of Yemaya, rooster feathers and sea stones).


Jicotea, cock cock and talking birds.