Oya, its winds help sustain life after the waters of Osun and Yemaya gave life and meaning or purpose. Oya winds carrying different pollen of one plant to another location. Oya is also the air we breathe, she provides the air with the right amount of oxygen to keep us alive and functioning.

Without air we sofocaríamos and perish. No life form on this planet that can survive without air or even fish. The plant life in the sea especially seaweed provide oxygen for life at sea. As we see Oya is everywhere.

Oya / Yansa

Mom - Oya Ferekún, La Virgen de la Candelaria, the owner of Centella.

Inseparable and faithful concubine Chango, follows him everywhere and fight beside him in every race. Obinidóddo Oya, is the right arm of Chango, always at his side fight with two swords. Oya, also is the "evil wind", the whirlwind, the waterspout or windsock devastating. She was the wife of Ogun, Chango who took it off in revenge (see Oggún).

Koso was queen, crown is holy, and good-looking boloya is also double, violent and hurtful.

She is the owner of the cemetery, lives in your door or nearby. Obba always meets and Yewá. Along with Eleggua, Obatala Orula and dominates the four winds.

In Diloggún speaks for Osa (9) and their saying goes "your best friend is your worst enemy." In the OBI, speaks Oyekun and Okana. In the speech by Mariwanga Nkobos (10.13 and 14). Their number is 9.

His day on Friday.

Bring all colors except black.

Their names are:

Oya Bí

Oya Funko

Oya Dumi

Oya Mimu

Oya Obinídodo

Oya Ayawá

Odó Oya - Oya

Yansa Orirí

Cover Oya.

Koso was also reigns and has a sister who is a virgin and Ayao not seated.


The Iruke, the spark, the cemetery and the burials, a skirt that is made with handkerchiefs hanging of nine colors, the rainbow, and generally ocher fruits, specifically the eggplant. The winds and wind storms. The reincarnation of ancestors. Forgetfulness. Called to the sound of seeds entrechocante Framboyán.


Crown of nine points which fall nine pieces: hoe, pick, Ochosi beam scythe stick, hoe, rake, ax. Has nine copper handles.


Matipós scarlet and brown with black and white stripes. Other accounts lilac with yellow stripes, in 9 black and white beads, up to 9 groups.


Skirts that are made from dried leaves of palm fronds in the day the seat, skirts decorated with fringes mariwó. In addition, another skirt that is made with scarves of nine colors, which is mobile, also uses a flowered chintz gown and a multicolored ribbon around the head.


You can not eat mutton, or palm oil. Eat white rice with eggplant and black-eyed peas buns.


Chivas pigeon and guinea fowl (all black).


- Yerba Garro - guasimilla - Baria - Mazorquilla - Yuca - Plum

- Palo Box - Cape ax - Heart dove - Cockroach