A Major Orisha. Dr of the Ocha. Patron of doctors and owner of the river.

Is the deity of the extractive economy or fishing and gathering pre - horticulture. He is a hunter and fisherman. Androgynous and very beautiful.

According to Don Fernando Ortiz can be taken as the personification of the earth, a provider of human sustenance.

Your name Inle Ayayé, lives on land and in water. Abbatá's brother, and inseparable from Ochún be received after Ocha.

Its color is a combination of blue and yellow.

His days on Friday and every 24.

Speak for 5 to 7 Diloggún. Its never going to flat spiral Children of Inle no wonder with coconut.

TOOLS Pedestal shaped cross, hanging on both sides, Majáes and goldfish. Along the vertical axis in the center, are two Majáes coiled silver or white metal, two rings, hooks, pita, red and eighteen snails.

NECKLACES: Matipós dark green and Prussian blue coral beads.

CLOTHING: Dresses of blue, yellow and white, decorated with shells. Also dark green color and some standing water.

MEALS: panetelas sweet wine drunk, snapper, lettuce and watercress, orange sweet potato and China, squash balls, yam, Eko, guava, almond oil. After seasoning the fish, covered with crushed crackers, corn gofio and almond sauce.

ANIMALS: Carnero, rooster, pigeons. All animals will have to be white ofrendan. We introduce a snapper sacramentar omiero for water. Before washing is a ceremony at the river and offering orange sweet potatoes cooked and China and then given coconut. It takes a cock in the river before the ceremony in the fourth.