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Obatala the creator.

Is that governs the head. Obatala teaches us through thought.

The concept that we have in our minds is developed through interaction with every living being on this planet.

When we seek to Obatala, we looked at the top of the mountain. The snow was covering the mountain peak and is seen as the wise old man of the hills. The snow from heaven.

Obatala offering justice, renewal and a new beginning. Cold temperatures, kill plants, animals and sometimes human life.

His children are albinos and those born with physical and / or mental.

Obatala likes dark places. No light is allowed in his kingdom. Thus when we place your altar or shrine, we must place a cloth over it to keep it away from light

Great Orisha, modeler and King of mankind, Father and Mother of all Orishas.

In a couple of Obatala out everyone else. There are 16 Obatala, Orishas and 16 are the lyrics from Diloggún and Ifa. Obatala is the same as the Blessed.

Obanlá, Obatala woman, the Virgin of Mercy.

Oddúa has 16 white beads and 8 scarlet (red) on its collar, it is Oddúa Olofi root Obatala others.

The woman called Odduaremu Oddudua. Syncretized as Santa Ana

Obba Ibo Obatala is blinding, very old, the mystery of the guiro.

By way Arara, Nana Buluku Obatala is paramount that are two in one, Nana and Buruku. Agguemo or Alaguema, Obatala female and old.

Obatala Obbamoró here is the dress of Jesus of Nazareth. Baba-San Joaquin Fururú which sits to instruct youth.

Ocha Ulufón or Obalufón. He was the first to speak and gave men the word and the right to be men.

In Palo Monte Cross, is also Obatala Earth trembles. Mama Kangu is Obatala by congo way.

Ochagriñan, Agguiriñan - Obatala Agguiriñan-is the oldest of all Obatala.

Eruadyé, Eyuaro, is the only child and spoiled Olofi with Iya, static figure, not moving. For Obbamoró punished, first you have to talk to her. Ayagguna is that ignited the gunpowder, war spread across the globe and carried everywhere. Obatala is the youngest. Ekenike also warrior, old and trembling. Talabi is Obatala who is deaf. Yeku Yeku, humility and patience, The Blessed or Holy Face, and like Ochagriñan must ask all backwards. Obatala lives on the hill and all are exquisite and chilly, always cold.

Tidy up no more, anything dirty offends. All Obatala, Bibinike, the larger, extremely delicate and sensitive wrapped in cotton and the same is done with objects and symbols that belong.

Summarizing, we have the following paths of Obatala:


Oddúa the creator

Yemmú or Odduaremu

Igba Oba or Ibo. - Foddu given for Ararás




Ochagriñan or Agguiriñan. - As old as Oddúa

Obanlá or Alaguema


Ono-Yeku Yeku or Gold

Baba Fururú


Ayagguna. - The youngest

Nana Buruku

Male. - De Arara land




The continued Obatala Olofi and went down with him when he became the world's Eddegúe, that of Efuche.

Anyway, Obatala is one, call it with the name you want, female Obatala, Obatala Iyalá and male, all are one not excluding the fearless and combative Allagguna.


White Tureen with four OTA called oke, (of the hill) with white beads. Its stones do not support sun, air and serene.

Owner of silver and white metal, has a crown with sixteen parrot feathers (though usually employ four).

Bring sun and moon, six handles can also be two, four, eight or sixteen. Has pestle. A silver hand that wields a scepter. Two eggs ivory. Eight or sixteen okotus (slugs). Cocoa butter and cotton hulls. Tambourine belongs. Bring white flag.

Owner of Iroko (La Ceiba). His fleece is cotton and its branch shall be on the mat for your Iyawo kariosha. Agogo has silver.


Opa. Baton, handle, sun, moon, maja, Puayé or Opayé, Scepter white Iruke


The white collar is Obatala and inserted color typical accounts according to each path, eg Ayagguna necklaces, Ochagriñan, Ochalufón, red beads that are strung every 24 white beads and allowed snails.

In Oba Moro, the coral or red bead is replaced by a purple. In Ochanlá necklace, the beads are ivory or mother of pearl and every sixteen accounts. Because of all Obatala, has four colored cocoa. Only by Agguema white beads are combined with green.


Always wears white. In his ways warriors, wearing a red band cross the chest, as Oba Moro, sometimes purple dress as Jesus of Nazareth does. It is sometimes embroider custody of the Blessed Sacrament and the number of eight tapes.


Chiva, pigeon, guinea, white hen.


Alcoholic beverages, crab and beans.


White Rice, merengue tower adorned with silver dragees, sour milk, a gallon of milk in cup on white dishes, rice pudding in eight white dishes without salt and cocoa butter, white pumpkins, and sixteen champola anones, etc. . Fruits that grainy or gritty feel to the palate as sugar apple, soursop, pomegranate, sapota, etc.. Corn, rice, birdseed and other grains. Slugs and snails, taro and yam balls, cocoa butter and chaff and generally any white food without salt. Cotton Flower.

SEAT essential herbs OBATALA

- Bledo nail - Elder - Bell - Carquesa - Cotton - White Aguinaldo - Higuereta - Almond-Soursop - White Jagua