In antiquity, Ororima got marry with tabutu

Together they had a son who was known as Tobi Ode (The skillful hunter). Tobi was the first that developed between the Orisa (immortals) the Orun Ikole path (the invisible realm) to Ikole Aye (Earth).

The Orisha that followed found that Ikole Aye was covered with Igbo (dense forest). This made it impossible to cross the forest through the earth. Thus Obatala took her ADA fàdáká and began clearing the forest, he noticed that his ADA was curved and that was not good. Thus Ogun discovered the mystery of Irin (Iron) and made a irin Ada, (The machete to clean all the way to go through and make paths through the forest, so that the Orissa were able to make the journey through the land, on this day he became to be known as Ogun the spirit iron, he was given the title of Osin Imolë.

Ogun is known as the warrior, he is known and loved by wars, by the battle Onire book. When Ogun leave the villa was on earth and left a hanging chain and told people they could call it pulling the chain. That's why those who worship Ogun said: "Ogun Lode Irèmöjé fi i saaro ara won, keni or mu RoHun gbon tell." Hunters sing the prayer to the spirit of Iron to mourn his death and the desire to gain inspiration for his exploits). Some of the offers that are made Ogun are: Aha: Dog àgùtàn okunrin: Ram OTI: gin or rum, follow: cigars

Ogun is the Orisa of war. Orisa Ogun is also the technology and surgeons. Any time surgery is done, it lehacen offerings so that everything goes well. When war is about to break or when someone goes to a battle, make offerings to Ogun to ensure victory.

The knife is Orissa.


Son of Obatala, committed incest with his mother Yemmú, so it is cursed and condemned eternally with iron work is also dedicated to water everywhere afoché Araye and began to dominate the world. Oshun's when he got into the mount, drew him with his singing and made him taste the honey of life, do not return to the world afoché and relaxed.

Orisha older brother Ochosi, Eleggua and Chango.

Violent, and cunning, is the god of minerals, mountains and tools. Pattern of workers, mechanics, engineers and physical - chemical and soldiers. Represents the collector, the lone hunter and wanderer, wandering through the woods and knows all their secrets. Master the mysteries of the forest as a sorcerer.

It symbolizes the warrior meat eater, rude, barbaric and bestial, which evolves to sedentary farmers, pet room, meats and fruits. Is the keys, chains and prisons.

Your numbers are 3 and 7 in combination. His days on Tuesday and Wednesday, also on Tuesdays of each month.

In Diloggún is Oggundá (letter Mayor). He is considered one of the earliest incarnations of the Yoruba.

His colors are black, green and purple.

In Palo Monte is called Zarabanda, absolute master of Mt.

In Kimbisa, Pungo Dibudi, when attached Ochosi Oggún and also LuFo Kuyio and Watariamba.

Their names:

OggúnOggún heard Onile, peasant, farmer, rancher.

Valenyé, labrador. Oggún Arere the forger of iron, metals, warrior Orisha.

Ode Oggún Upper Paleolithic hunter himself.

I held my own mounts.

Oggún Alaguedé, black montuno, irascible and brutal.

Aroko Oggún (Oloko) Olukoló, the collector, farmer, peasant farmer peasant agriculture.

Echibirikí Oggún jealous of Chango, Yemaya by love, blood and blinds him mad, his ferocity and daring have no equal on earth.

Oggún Oké, owner of the mountains, also called

Oggún Afanamule and Oggún Ogumbí. Aladú Oggún warring with Yemaya.

Nako-Ñiko Oggún, Oggún matador.

Oggún Kobu-Kobu.

Ogun ATTRIBUTES Overall all irons, machetes, shovels, pickaxes, hammers, sledgehammers, anvils, hoes, rakes, crowbars, sickle, scythe, saw, nail, knife, spear guns, machine guns, bombs, gunships, artillery, .

Accounts NECKLACES alternating green and black. Seven clear Carmelite accounts, followed by seven black. In some cases the house is given by the Holy. In Matanzas accounts are red and purple. At other times they wore leopard fangs and purple beads. Once you receive the Pinaldo (knife or snail Oggún Oggún) authorization exists for four-legged animal sacrifice. In the case of Oriaté, cowries are incorporated. The priests wear a metal chain (Achabba) as bracelet hanging seven pieces of iron.

CLOTHING: In men a tiger skin bag, adorned with many snails. His clothing is purple, his cap is crushed and carried in his belt a long garland of palm fibers (called mariwó) symbolizing protection from evil.

ANIMALS WILL SACRIFICE: Goat, Rooster, pigeon, guinea, guinea pig, pigs, sheep, red roosters, dogs and sometimes bulls.

Attributed ANIMALS: Dog black and pestle

FOOD: Roasted Yams, Kola nuts, white beans. His favorite drink the rum.


- Cane Santa - chicken foot - Yerba blood - Yerba Mora - Pegojo - Bone cock - Poppy or always alive - Anamú - basil - Romerillo - Rompesaraguey - Palo Manajú - Ebony