Babalu aye is the Orisha of the Land

A Iku accompanying him, the spirit of death. By this through many deaths occurring disease.

He is one of 16 malignant Iku come before can take a life. When we see Öbalù-aiyé/Sànpònná / Babalu Aye in nature, we see the fungus that is killing trees and plant life. Weeds that are killing the gardens and flowers. We see Öbalù-aiyé/Sànpònná / Babalu Aye in sickness and mutilated animals. He is the seed that permeates every living thing. He is called the father of the disease. It is because of their greed that the world is full of disease. However it is also the only one who can change this path.

Babalu Aye.

Middle brother Chango, when the soothsayers gathered for the distribution of the kingdoms was given the Kingdom of Dajome. Arará Dajome of birth as some, although land was grounded Lucumí Dajome as others.

It is the most revered saint Arara land.

It looks like an invalid, undermined by a bad deformans, legs twisted and bent back.

Is epidemics and diseases. Deity of smallpox, leprosy, venereal diseases and in general, of skin conditions.

Orisha largest and highly revered saint. Actually Babalu Aye is a title meaning "father of the world" that gave Chakpata Chopono or the terrible Orisha of smallpox, whose name could not comment.

In Matanzas Arará heirs, will touch the drum Asojín Babalu Aye. Is received directly by the descendants of Arara

In this Holy enjoys working with dead.

Its color is purple bishop and his day is Friday, but for others it is on Wednesday.

His number is 17 and speaks at 4, 11 and 13 of Diloggún (Irosun, Ojuani and Metanla).

Its name comes from Lucumi, also known as Agróniga -

Omobitasa the oldest of St. Lazarus. Asojuano -

Asyoricha, the youngest. Ayano, whom he prays that epidemics away.

Chakuata - Agróniga Yonkó road and very old; Awojonú, Shapkan, Asoyí (Bishop), Atimaya, Ayamu (Arara), etc.

Aha ATTRIBUTES (bunch of braces palm or coconut palm oil, tied at its lower end with a cloth bag, trimmed with beads and cowries). Sackcloth also, ex-votos and any implement of disabled itself. Dog of any type of material to be white and yellow stains

Two puppies TOOLS iron. Whenever you get San Lazaro is added a Elegguá with their respective Osun dog. By way Arara this Elegguá called AFRA. Two crutches and a rattle.

Accounts NECKLACES black Matipo of Oya, Matipo San Lazaro (white with blue stripes) red beads. Combined by way of the Holy.

CLOTHING Wear sackcloth or variegated plaid and decorated with many cowries.

MEALS Miniestras and grains, burnt bread, toasted corn cobs. Green coconuts water, garlic, onion, dry wine, palm oil, smoked fish and guinea pig, beef neck. Bearded goat, rooster cock and jabao, pigeon and guinea fowl, quail.

MESSENGERS Mosquitoes, flies and all kinds of insects that are disease vectors. Also the wind.