Orunmila is the Orisa of divination, was put there to give wise advice to Orissa and humanity. The sky is the house and land is the market, to learn many lessons needed. Orunmila is the spirit of intuition and premonition. He gives us an insight into all the things that are around us. He is the first that gives us a map of our destiny. This is what we should use and follow precisely. The forecast events that will occur in our life offers insight into why certain things that have happened or spend with and for us. Ifa says everything you want to know.

Syncretized as San Francisco, son of Obatala (Great God I guess).

Father Time the Congos, born after the oath of Obatala did not have more sons by his son incest Oggún who was buried alive up to the shoulders with a Ceiba. His father Obatala, unearthed it, cut a piece of the trunk, made a dash to guess with wood that is sacred to all Babalawos and handed it to his son, who became owner of Ifa and the Board.

Orisha greater. It is the great benefactor of men, his chief adviser because it reveals the future and allows them to influence him. It is the keeper of the secret of Ifa, the supreme oracle through which it communicates with them. Embodies the wisdom and the ability to influence the fate, even more adverse. It is also regarded as a great physician and one of the owners of the four winds. Anyone who does not accept their advice, whether male or Orisha, may be a victim of induced Osogbos Eshu.

Shango who was authorized by Olofi, netted Orula ATE (the Ifa board) and the domain of the secrets of divination.

Orula is son of Obatala, and best friends are his brothers and Elegguá Chango. His mother is Yemmú. Orula form a trinity with Oddun and Oddúa.

Talk over Diloggún by Irosun (4) and Obbara (6) and in the Metadiloggún (16).

I belong every day and your party is on October 4.

His colors are green and yellow.

For the Ifa priest or Babalawo be santero not essential but usually is. His power is so great that when someone claims to be his son, the individual will have to abandon the worship of any other Orisha and pursue it.

No woman can reach Cofa Babalawo although they may have, making them share in some of their secrets.

No man can be sexual with Babalawo uncertainties.

A Orula is known for Kisimba Palo Monte or Father Time. In Kimbisa by Kavanga, Madama and mpungo Lomboan Fula. In Brillumba by Badai and Yungun Boila. The Villas is known for Kimbumbula.

Oracles: Orula is the only Orisha who has secrets of Ifa divination. No low heads and only communicates with the Babalawo through their oracles, they are the Board ekuele and with Ikin Ifa.

The ekuele is a chain of fourteen to sixteen inches long formed by beads embedded with metal links. The beads are metal and seed husks or shells of turtle.

The Board tied or IFA, is a round table for divination. It is a wooden circle about fourteen or more inches long has a carved wood edge and four points on the ends of two perpendicular diameters representing the four corners of the world. In the four corners, the North is Obatala is Oddúa South, East and West is Chango is Eshu.

ATTRIBUTES: Ifa Board (ATE, ekuele, two coats of Ikin (seed, kola nut) two oracles, a weight and balance, an IDDE, a cuje Lamo, a Irofá (or jar deer), with which is written in the dust of the board or to hit at various ceremonies, a Iruke (horsehair brush) that is used to clean the bad influences. The board symbolizes the world.

NECKLACES: Yellow and green alternative. Male (Awo-FACA), idde (handle), yellow and green alternative. Women (Ico-fa), received in separate, simple ceremony that lasts three days. Idde alternating yellow and green.


Chiva, black hen, pigeon and venison. - Lettuce - Yerba Buena.