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Oshun / Oshun, the river's god. Its waters give life and sustain life as well as take life. Some of the fish we eat comes from lakes, rivers and streams. These life forms also give their lives so we can nourish and sustain us.

Many of us like honey and know how to get it and where it comes from. The bees obtain pollen or sap from plants and flowers and take them to the hive. The honey bee is currently the most powerful weapon of Osun and one of their favorite foods or offers.

Oshun Water flowing life giving and taking. The water has minerals, algae and plants river bank, thus providing food and nutrients for fish and other marine living forces living in its waters.


The fairest of the fair, sang and played in the bush where he likes to walk, it tames the wild beasts and animals, nor the scorpion stings. Yemaya took her under his protection, and gave the river to live. To cheer her up, covered with jewels, corals and infinite wealth. That's why he lives in the river Oshun and Yemaya want both.

Orisha greater, Owner of love, femininity and the river. It is the symbol of coquetry, grace and female sexuality. Chango and intimate woman friend that protects Elegguá. Always accompanies Yemaya.

He lives in the river and assists pregnant women and women in labor. Is presented as a beautiful mulatto, nice, good dancer, partying and eternally cheerful, with the persistent ringing of their bells. It is able to resolve both as to cause fights between Orisha and men.

In the speech in Oche Diloggún, (5), Unle (8), Ofun (10) and in Obbaramelli (6-6). Its color is yellow, but the coral and aqua green. Your day Sabbath and their numbers 5,10,15 and 25.


Oshun Yeye Moro (or Yeye Kari) the most cheerful, flirty and dissipated all. Is continuously spree. She paints, she looks in the mirror, even flirts with the dead.

Oshun Kayode: Cheerful, wasteful, helpful.

Miwa Ochún: Lightweight helmet.

Oshun ANA: the drums. Serious aspects of the goddess: woven mesh, jamos and baskets.

Oshun Yumu: Old and deaf, manufactures clay jugs. It is the richest of all. He does not like the holidays. Very severe. It has relationships with Oggún.

Oshun Gumi: (Bomo or Bumi) is associated with the dead, out of the river and the sink handles and hoe in Izoku (cemetery). She rocks in a rocker on the river bottom.

Oshun Sekesé: Extremely serious.

Oshun Akuara: (or IBU) live between the sea and the river, this water is salty and sweet. It is also good dancer and cheerful, hardworking, likes to do good, cares for the sick as Yemaya in this avatar, refuses to do spells and tied to abikús. Just striking and moorings and love potions. The music is a passion.

Oshun Fumike: Very good, Obatala related. Gives children to barren women. She loves children.

Oshun Ololodi: As Yumu, lives at the bottom of the river, rail and plunged into the water weaves, with fish, a star and crescent. It's a mermaid. Very dull, when called slow to respond. Very landlady, Mrs. respect. Only deals with serious issues. No dancing.

Oshun FUNKE: Sabia, has great knowledge and teaches.

Oshun Edé: Smart, great lady, likes music, going to parties but is judicious and woman home.

Oshun Niwe: Lives in the jungle

Oshun Kolé-Kolé: (Akala-Kala, Ikole, Oshun Ibu Kolé Bankolé u) n this way, the smiling and seductive crawling in the mud of the river, is an inveterate sorceress, inseparable from vulture. One is in a total misery, has a single tunic that was yellow and white was much washing. Come leading the Aura, fly with it or in it and all its works are evil. Oshun Awe: In this case the Goddess of Love, not at all like the woman exuberant life and joy, clean and fragrant, is afflicted by the Iku Oshun. With the laundry.

ATTRIBUTES: sandalwood fans or peacock feather, little fish, shrimp, shells, jars, mirrors, jewelry, marine corals, linens, embroidered cloths and all proper object of feminine vanity. Rattles, Acheré, Agogo, irukes and scarves.

TOOLS: Five golden handcuffs, five Adams, a crescent, two oars, a star, a sun and one to five bells. Depending on the way their attributes may change. Kolé Ochún leads addition to the above five points, five spools of thread, a machete, a mortar and ventiuna crown pieces.

NECKLACES: They yellow or amber beads. Olodí Oshun, Oshun Oshun Ibu and Gumi are red beads, emerald green or dull yellow. Ikole Oshun, the red and yellow leads. The strings are only corals (Iyon), belong as much to Oshun Yemaya.

CLOTHING: yellow gown tied at the waist by a belt on the belly, wearing a diamond-shaped breastplate. Bordering wearing a satin dress with husks hanging tip.

ANIMALS: Roosters, Pigeons, bananas, turtle, ducks, goats castrated deer (as a lover Ochosi), chickens, quail (in the way of Oshun Ibu Akuara), peacocks, canaries and alligators.

FLOWERS: Sunflowers, Macaws, buttercup. PERFUMES: Vetiver, Sandalwood


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