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Osun was the guard, a position he lost when he fell asleep while committing incest with Yemmú Oggún so Obatala took away his postion and gave it to Eleggua. A major orisha. IHe acts as a messenger of Obatala and Olofi. Orula relies on it to have the powers of divination and real and transcendent knowledge.

It is the head guard of believers. doesn't have eleke or cowries hand.

He is Not an Orisha of possession but irradiation. No up or settle. Is received when delivered Warriors (Eleggua, Ogun and Ochosi).

No letter speaks for snail, but accompanies the warriors. It represents life itself.

His day: Thursday.

His numbers are 8, 16 and 24.

Osun is represented by a rooster on top, on a pedestal, weighted base, perpendicular axis that is implanted in a covered receptacle containing the magical charge. The figure may be a rooster, a dove, a dog or a lizard.

Attributes (color)

Represents all colors in the ceremony Ocan Fifi (initiation) because Osun means "color" or "paint". There is a story that concern the four basic colors: white, blue, yellow and red.

OFFERINGS: The specific animal is the white dove, but eats everything was offering to Eleggua, Ogun and Ochosi.

When falling, announces deaths or misfortunes.