Shango. When we see in Nature Shango see the light beam across the sky and hear the rolling thunder. The fire is in the woods and on the top of a house. If. he is the destructive force. But his strength also gives life. In the midst of his power and destructive energy he annihilates everything negative. This makes things pure and fertile. Some people just know that Shango has ears, a consummate womanizer and party lover.

Of the things that are not known one is that Shango is the General sky. He is an excellent strategist and executor of plans. He loves his children, however, do not hesitate to discipline them when they made mistakes or broken taboos. He is reckless and violent times needs to be calmed. His fiery energy is usually calm by the coldness of Obatala


Obatala's favorite son and confidant since childhood, met his brother incest Oggun, who stole his wife, Oya.

Addima Addima is also Chango. The most popular of the Orishas.

Alafí Alafí, heard King and King of Kings.

Olúfina Chango, mora in Ceibas, but his real home, his favorite house and his throne and his viewpoint is Palma, which usually manifests in its most terrible, Chango Obayé. King of the world wears scarlet, black tight and nice eating fire, the God of Fire, from the sharp stick and trembling palm tree that rises to the sky, shoot their arrows to earth.

Chango EYEO, and candela fight fuming at the mouth and shooting rays. Also fight with mace, ax, machete and knife crescent shaped. King Chango was Kosso of Mobba, Owo, of Ebini bear Ima, Tulempe, Ado and that's why it has so many names and titles, is the most road-avatars-has, since toured worldwide.

Chango Lubbeo, universal legal heir and Obatala. In his birth was given to her older sister DADA, OBAÑEÑE or BAYAMI to take care of him.

Ima's Chango or Izu, is that of the booms and rayos.Chango one of his ways was Obbara.

Their number is 4, talking on Obbara Diloggún by (6), 4, 12 11. the 8-6 and the 8-9 and 6-6. Obi speaks in Alafia, Ottawa, and Oyekun Eyeife,

His days are Friday and all 4. Its red and white colors. Represents the largest number of human virtues and flaws. It's working, courageous, good friend and healer, but also a liar, womanizer, quarrelsome, boastful and player. It's good parent while the child obeys, but does not admit coward, nor invested. He is the father of Ibeyis.Sus lovers are countless women but their own are Oya and Oshun Yuru Obba. Great respect for "Eggun".

ATTRIBUTES celt, Cup, Sword, Acheré of turtle, horse Moro, Tambourine double ax or bipene, bright red flag, six Otanes, and Oche, ie a wooden scepter Palma and Cedar, ending in points acute or a double ax, wearing it on his head as a symbol of his divinity. Also three axes, mace and cutlass.

NECKLACES: Red and white alternating. Red is a symbol of love and blood

CLOTHING: He wears baggy shirt, pants with vermilion Asho. Sometimes used shorts terminated tip. The bare chest with a cross Obba band, but sometimes leads red jacket with white lists. On his head a crown can be shaped castle.

ANIMALS: Carnero, red rooster, quail, turtle, guinea bull jabaos turkey and roosters. Belong the white horse, sheep and lamb.

MEALS: Banana Indio, flour and okra, the Amala, which is made with cornmeal and ram.


Bledo punzó - Atipola (feat) - Baria - Platanillo of Cuba - Sarsaparilla - Paradise - Alamo - Jobo