Yemaya is the Orisha of motherhood. She is the keeper of all wealth. Our waste is his treasure. What is lost can be re-obtained with the help of Yemaya. When we seek to Yemaya in nature we have to look at sea. In the oceans where to find Yemaya. The crests of the waves against the shores and rocks. It is in this way that Yemaya making offerings and sacrifices. In the same way they build and / or destroyed, offering blessings or removing them.

What is taken from rivers and streams, is given to Yemaya. All scrap and waste including the offers are taken and taken to the ocean and sea. This is why the Yoruba say "Nobody knows what is in the sea."

The destructive force of Yemaya comes in the form of waves. This power does not go or come alone. The moon and winds play a major part in this destructive energy. But there is another side to this. If the wind is doing curls and waves on water and the gravitational pull of the moon causes the water to rise higher and higher, making more curls and waves. Water begins to arroyarse and creates more wind, and the gravitational pull of the moon draws the waves higher and higher, more air moving in multiple directions. This is a cycle of this event contante that death brings life and helps maintain a perfect balance.


Mother of Chango. If the mother is not carnal, loves him like a mother, (some argue that Obatala Chango bore and had to leave because it was the fruit of sin). Yemaya gave birth at 16 orishas. She is the owner of the waters and the sea represents, fundamental source of life. Their colors are blue and white.

Wife of Babalu Aye, of Aggayú, Orula and Oggún. He likes to hunt, veneering, machete handle. It's wild and wily. His punishments are harsh and their anger is terrible but righteous. His name should not be uttered by someone who does seated without touching the ground with the fingertips and kiss them dust footprint.

According to some, it must of heard, others say it is mine.

It is more frightening and most senior Oya, the owner of the cemetery, the spark and Gale, Chango concubine. No more than a Yemaya, one with seven paths or avatars. In Diloggún speaks Oddi (7) his day is Saturday.


Awoyó: Most of Yemaya, the richest of the dresses, the skirts, which follows seven to war and defend their children. When out for a walk, put the ornaments of Olokun and is crowned with a rainbow, Ochumare.

Akuara: Two waters. At the confluence of a river, where he met his sister Ochún.Vive in freshwater, is dancer, cheerful, but little straight, does not curses. Tend the sick, preparing remedies, abikús Moor.

Okute (or Okuti) of pale blue, coral is in the sea, "Portera of Olokun". The same is found in the sea, on the river, in the lake, in the mountains, it is in this way woman god of war and iron, Ogun, eats in his company and accept the offerings at sea as in the jungle. When wars, has hung from the waist, knife and other tools Oggún. He works hard. It's a terrible rider. The mouse belongs. With it sends messages to Omo or mouse often become afraid to visit them and the dog. Genius is violent, challenging, very severe and unforgiving. Lives admitted to the virgin forest or in desolate places. It sorceress, expert at preparing afoche You like dancing with a snake wrapped around the arms. Duck hates and loves the ram. They are yours, coral and mother of pearl.

Konla: The foam. It's in the surf, entangled in a linen blanket. Naviera, lives in boat propellers.

Achaba: dangerous, wise and willful, which leads to the ankle a silver chain. His look is irresistible, his haughty air. Wife of Orunmila and Ifa word abides forever. To hear the faithful will turn back. Unleash their moorings not ever.

Asesu: Messenger of Olokun, the water murky, dirty. Very serious is going down the drain, to the latrines and sewers. Come duck. Receive the offerings in the company of the dead. It is very slow to please their faithful.

Mayaleo or Mayalewo: lives in the woods in a sump or in the spring. In this way resembles her sister Oshun Ikole, because it is witch. It has close relations with Oggún.


The sun, moon, anchor, life jackets, boat, seven oars, seven silver rings, star. All made in silver, steel, tin or lead.

Iruke (ponytail with mango) beaded blue and white.

Use Burato richly ornamented robe. Agogo (bell) used to say hello and to pay attention when you talk to her. Purely Fan with pearl and gold beaded and snails.

Agbebé, (round fans made of leaves of guano, decorated with peacock feathers, shells and bells). All these attributes are adorned with ducks, fish, nets, stars, seahorses, shells and miniature everything related to the sea, always carry alternating blue and white beads.


Seven clear glass beads, blue water and calls in Yemaya water Ocutí are overseas.

In Ayaba or Achabó Yemaya, pale blue water.

Yemaya Asesu: dark blue pearl beads opal or soap.


Beat with blue and white streamers, symbol of the sea and foam, kind of wide fabric belt and a diamond-shaped bib on the navel.

FLOWERS: Flower Water and violet.

PERFUME: Verbena.


Carnero, cock, pigeon, banana, turtle, duck, goose, parrot, goose, quail. For Yemaya Asesu, pork with careful ceremony.

Yemaya Ocute not eat duck. Yemaya calls his greaves to cockroaches.


- Lechuguilla - Yerba indigo - Verbena - Prodigious - Paragüitas (off alone)

- Flower Water - Fern - Watercress - Lettuce - Yerba Buena - basil - Guamá

- Guásima - Buttercup - Djerba La Nina - Coate or Cologne - Marilope - Poundcake

- Egg Gallo - Fern River - Macaw - Yerba Mora - Heart dove

- Cucaracha - Day Ten - Orozú - Cinnamon Stick