Coconut Ekuele Ifa Babalaow

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The consultation with Ekuele is performed by a Babalawo, a fortune teller from Orula. Ékuele is the oracle of Ifa.

The Ifá divination tray or Até is a round table, on which the Ekuele is thrown during the divinatory session. This round tray is placed on the floor on a mat in which the four cardinal points are marked. The North represents the sun, and Obatalá rules it; the South represents Jesus Christ and is ruled by Odduá; East represents the moon, and is ruled by Changó; the West represents the fourth quarter of the same and is ruled by Echú.

The Ékuele is composed of a chain in which 8 regular beads are inserted in regular sections that can be made of coconut, hawksbill, etc. The important thing is that they can fall up or down. 16IKINES (palm seeds) are used for divination with this system.